Policies and Procedures

Below are the policies and procedures for a number of common faculty and staff affairs matters. All University Policies can be found at policies.osu.edu.


● Unit APT and POA (See all approved unit governance documents on the OAA website.)
Faculty Advisory Council
Staff Advisory Council

Faculty Searches

CFAES Faculty Hire Checklist & Request Form
CFAES APT (See page 14.)
● Unit APT (See all approved unit governance documents on the OAA website.)
Faculty Searches Diversity and Inclusion

New faculty resources

● OAA New Faculty Resources
University Human Resources New Employee Guide

Consulting, Conflicts of interest, and External Funds

CFAES POA (See page 25.)
● Conflict of Interest Process & FAQs
eCOI Disclosure
Faculty Paid External Consulting Policy
Faculty Paid External Consulting Approval Form 201
● External Funds: Sponsored Project or Gift?

Faculty Leaves

CFAES POA (See page 24.)
● Unit POA (See all approved unit governance documents on the OAA website.)
● Policy on Faculty Professional Leave
● Policy on Faculty Special Assignment


CFAES POA (See page 27.) for Grievances against Faculty 
● Faculty Rule 3335-5-04 for Grievances against Faculty 
● Reporting of Harassment, Discrimination, or Sexual Misconduct

Promotion and Tenure

2020 CFAES Faculty P&T Workshop Slides
2020-2021 P&T Timeline Memo 
2020-2021 College P&T Committee
OAA Policies and Procedures Handbook (See Volume 3: Promotion & Tenure on PDF page 83)
OAA Policies, Guidelines, & Forms

Emeritus Status

Request for Emeritus Status Form 207

Other CFAES Policies

● CFAES Request for Sponsorship
● CFAES External Award Guidelines
● CFAES Policy on Cannabis Research, Teaching and Extension Activities
● College Compensation Policy
● College Devices and Service Guidelines
● College Rehire Guidelines
● Database - Personnel DB Policy Waiver
● Facility Access Control Policy
● Faculty Reward Guidelines
● Internal Control Structure