Policies and Procedures

Below are the policies and procedures for a number of common faculty and staff affairs matters. All University Policies can be found at policies.osu.edu.


● Unit APT and POA (See all approved unit governance documents on the OAA website.)
Faculty Advisory Council
Staff Advisory Council

Appointments And Reappointments

Endowed Position Appointment Reappointment SOP

Promotion & Tenure

● Recordings and Slides from 2021 CFAES Promotion & Tenure Workshops:

P&T 101 Workshop Recording 
P&T 101 Workshop Slides 

P&T Core Dossier Workshop Recording 
P&T Core Dossier Workshop Slides

Using Vita to Capture Extension Scholarship Workshop Recording 
Using Vita to Capture Extension Scholarship Workshop Slides

 2021-2022 P&T Timeline Memo 
● 2021-2022 College P&T Committee
● OAA Policies and Procedures Handbook (See Volume 3: Promotion & Tenure on PDF page 83)
● OAA Policies, Guidelines, & Forms

Faculty Searches

CFAES Faculty Hire Checklist & Request Form for AU21 Forward
● CFAES Faculty Hiring Guide
● CFAES Faculty Position Description Template
CFAES APT (See page 14.)
● Unit APT (See all approved unit governance documents on the OAA website.)
Faculty Searches Diversity and Inclusion

New Faculty Resources

● OAA New Faculty Resources
University Human Resources New Employee Guide

Consulting, Conflicts of interest, and External Funds

CFAES POA (See page 25.)
● Conflict of Interest Process & FAQs
eCOI Disclosure
● External Funds: Sponsored Project or Gift?
Faculty Paid External Consulting Policy
Faculty Paid External Consulting Approval Form 201 
Paid External Consulting Approval Forms should be submitted via email to Michelle Anderson (anderson.3484@osu.edu). They will be routed through DocuSign to the appropriate TIU Head and Sr. Associate Dean Tracy Kitchel (as the Dean's designee) for signature.

Faculty Leaves

CFAES POA (See page 24.)
● Unit POA (See all approved unit governance documents on the OAA website.)
● Policy on Faculty Professional Leave
Application for Faculty Professional Leave Form 201
● Policy on Faculty Special Assignment


CFAES POA (See page 27.) for Grievances against Faculty 
● Faculty Rule 3335-5-04 for Grievances against Faculty 
● Reporting of Harassment, Discrimination, or Sexual Misconduct
Faculty Rule 3335-8-23 for Grade Grievances

Emeritus Status

1. Engage in your appropriate TIU review of the emeritus request from the retiring faculty member.

2. Submit the Request for Emeritus Status Form 207 to Senior Associate Dean Tracy Kitchel (kitchel.2@osu.edu) along with the faculy member's letter of resignation.
● Your request narrative via the the request form should focus on the faculty member's sustained academic contribution to the university. You can do this within the document or as an attached letter. 
● Related, do not note further work post-retirement as a basis for granting emeritus status. Granting emeritus status is not based on working post-retirement. 

3. Also attach the retiree’s vita to the email request – this will assist in the college-level review. 

4. If approved at the college-level, the document will be routed through DocuSign for signatures from the TIU Head, Sr. Associate Dean Tracy Kitchel (as the Dean's designee), and OAA. Emeritus status is not officially granted until approved by the Board of Trustees.

CFAES Retired and Emeritus Faculty Policy

Other CFAES Policies

● CFAES Request for Sponsorship
● CFAES External Award Guidelines
● CFAES Policy on Cannabis Research, Teaching and Extension Activities
● College Compensation Policy
● College Devices and Service Guidelines
● Database - Personnel DB Policy Waiver
● Facility Access Control Policy
● Faculty Reward Guidelines
● Internal Control Structure