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University Senate


University Senate Overview

The University Senate is the shared governance body made up of faculty, students, staff and university administrators. Together, the members develop and review policies, programs, and other solutions for issues facing the university. 19 senate committees focus on specific areas of university life and governance. 

One of CFAES's University Senators, Dr. Ken Lee, provided the below overview of the University Senate at the December 10, 2020 CFAES all-faculty meeting. It outlines many of the Senate responsibilities and processes.

Please visit the University Senate website for more details.

University Senate Membership 

The University Senate is made up of:

  • 71 faculty elected from each of the 15 colleges, each regional campus, university libraries and the armed services departments
  • 41 students elected from the Undergraduate Student Government, the Council of Graduate Students, and the Inter-Professional Council
  • 24 administrators, including the deans of each college along with the President and the Executive Vice President and Provost
  • 5 staff members selected by the University Staff Advisory Council

The University Senate Directory lists current Senators. (To view only the CFAES faculty Senators, select the "Faculty category, then the "Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences" filter to the right side of the page.)

CFAES Faculty University Senators


-Faculty University Senator elections are overseen by University Senate.
-Faculty may nominate themselves or others.
-Elections begin the second week of January and results are submitted by the first of March.
-Tenure and clinical-track (professional practice) faculty are eligible to serve.


-Three-year term
-Represent the interests of CFAES and it's faculty at monthly University Senate meetings
-Attend Faculty Council meetings
-Provide a report on Senate happenings at regular Faculty Advisory Council meetings and, as appropriate, at College-wide faculty meetings.


Submitting a Proposal to the University Senate

The University Senate encourages the campus community to submit proposals through the Senate Office. The University Senate Proposal Pathway illustrates the flow of proposals through the Senate.